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Zoey wants to reach her final form, and to do so she must pass through these mountain caves into the ritual chamber, following the traditions written on the cave walls. Since these rituals are not to be done alone, she has turned her owner into a fairy to help out.

Gameplay involves controlling both the cat and the fairy as they work together (with some help from the player in other ways :) ) to navigate each screen.

This game was heavily inspired by Arctic Adventure, and is intended to feel like it could've been made in the late 80's for Dos computers that didn't necessarily have EGA cards yet (but maybe had adlib cards?), with no special timing tricks or composite screen tricks. The one exception is the elements that would've been in a separate manual, but instead are executed using more modern methods that aren't as annoying to deal with. Most of the visual were made in MS-Paint, but a few fullscreen images were made using PCPaint in DosBox.

This is an upgraded version of a game made for Extra Credits Jam #5, with 3 times the number of levels, plus more mechanics and a better gui. I set it to optional donation because I was trying to go for the feel of a shareware game from back in the dos games (which would have one episode free and the rest paid), but I think it's questionable whether this game has enough work put in to make payment mandatory. The characters are very loosely based on the Extra Credits host at time of development and his cat.

If you've already played the jam version, just choose episode 2 on start.


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