A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Zoey wants to reach her final form, and to do so she must pass through these mountain caves into the ritual chamber, following the traditions written on the cave walls. Since these rituals are not to be done alone, she has turned her owner into a fairy to help out.


Move Zoey: WASD

Shoot an [unspecified ccg] card: arrow keys

Move Fairy-Matt: mouse

Move on to next level: J (must have collected all keys and gotten both characters to the door)

Other Stuff:

F2 - save a state, F3 - load state, 1-5 - pick a scaling multiplier for the window from 1x to 5x (multiplied by 320x200), 0 - reset room (in case of a bug I missed), alt + enter - switch to fullscreen, alt + F4 - close game (for when in fullscreen)

An extended version with proper GUI's, more mechanics, and 3 times as many levels is now available here: https://kimiyoribaka.itch.io/zoeys-rites-plus

Made for Extra Credits Jam #5, which had the theme "passage". In addition, these extra challenges were attempted: design for 3 hands, use an MS-DOS cga palette (which in my mind most properly includes a CGA resolution, hence being 320x200), include mention of eating jam, include media outside the game, include Zoey somehow, use only diagetic ui, 

This game was heavily inspired by Arctic Adventure

I uploaded a linux version (or rather "Ubuntu" version, as game maker studio puts it), but I'm not in a good position at the moment to test if it works due to recent computer troubles requiring switching computers entirely. I used the same build method that I've used in the past though, so it should work as well as the windows version does.


Zoeys_Rites.zip 7 MB
Zoeys_Rites_linux.zip 6 MB

Install instructions

Windows - Unzip and run Zoeys_Rites.exe

Linux - Unzip and run Zoeys_Rites.sh


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Really cool game, I like the mechanics of having two characters at the same time, the graphics and the music.

Fun! Thanks also for trying to run mine...

It's fun to play! I had a bug in the level of the floating blocks.... the fary got stuck on them... But the collisions felt good, the mechanics where interesting (I played all by myself... but still!) and I love Artic adventure ;) thanks for making this game!