A dice rolling app intended to be fun to use simply due to the silly visuals. Originally I was going to make a game using the silly procgen shapes as dice, but I got stuck on what kind of game to use them on. This is for GMTK jam 2022, which is only 2 days, so not enough time to be sitting around waiting for inspiration.

The number of dice option is hopefully obvious. I can do 50 without lag and 100 with only slight lag as they're hitting the ground. The lowest value and range are for changing what sort of dice. For normal dice, lowest value should be 1 and the range should be number of sides (ie. 1 and 20 for a d20). The "full success" and "partial success" options are for games where you roll lots of dice and count how many met a target. The app uses equal to or greater than, since I couldn't remember which standard is more common. "Dice quirk" is purely for fun and determines the likelihood of extra strange shapes for the "dice".

The re-roll maximums option only pops up if you just rolled some maximum values, and is for games where doing so lets you roll again for even greater successes.

I have no attachment to the code or even design of this, so feel free to copy, distribute or modify it if you feel like. Just make sure any copies of the font, DejavuSans, includes the licence file too. Also, feel free to ask if you want info on what the engine can do.

Update (a few hours later): Optional jelly physics added! It makes the problem a bit less efficient but I haven't noticed much slowdown besides the very moment when 50 dice hit the ground.


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