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Control a tile with a face and try to make the other tiles with faces happy. Moving next to a face tile causes that face tile to move with you until you scrape against a wall.


Move with arrows. Escape to reset the level.

Made for the 4th Extra Credits jam. The theme was "connect", so I thought up the first idea that takes that literally (connecting tiles on a board) and the first idea that takes it metaphorically in a way the audience for Extra Credits would appreciate (making emotional and social connections).

If the game doesn't automatically choose a good resolution for you, just close the game and an ini file will appear that can be used to change it.

Bug warnings: the level select menu doesn't handle wrap moving up correctly. it also might crash.  Also the credits menu was a last minute thing, so yeah...

Bug Update: It turns out the in-game timer doesn't always activate the updates it's supposed to, so in the levels "Patience" and "The Choice", the game won't necessarily show that the tile is happy until you move. Without saying the other conditions, the time to wait is about 10 sec. It also doesn't count if you don't have the window up, because I totally forgot to turn off the bit that tries to not waste resources when not focused. 

If you still can't get "Patience" to work, the ini file can be edited to show more levels in the level select screen, thus allowing you to skip it.

Following one of the "extra challenges", I'm posting the source code, as well as enough for the source to compile once the dependencies I don't own are added . Because the game was made in a custom, partially-made engine I've been working on by myself little-by-little, that includes the engine source as well as the custom tools I used (also unfinished). I don't actually recommend trying to learn off of any of the engine bits. Edit (7/8/2019): Let me strongly emphasize that the engine is not in a state to be seen as good or working code. I'd like to leave it as is to reflect what went into the jam build, but I've since found some pretty major issues that have since been fixed, most pressingly the game loop section that regulates framerate straight up not working. Turns out it was the underlying engine that kept the game speed from going out of control, not my code.

That said, consider the source code and art assets all as under the zlib/libpng license (do as you want with it without attribution, as long as you don't lie about where you got it).  I'd rather the music not get reused by others, though I'm not sure why anyone would want to.

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AuthorColin EUMP
Tags2D, Casual


utiles.zip 16 MB
utiles_source.zip 26 MB

Install instructions

Unzip anywhere and run utiles.exe


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super clever take on the theme without compromising ease of gameplay and controls. great job!

This was really nice! Actually managed to get to the end, not sure what ended up beating Patience for me. I liked the sound effects, they sounded very happy :)

A very interesting game. Quite a few scenarious you have to think about for a bit. Not a difficult game per se, but definetly interesting. The social cubes are fun. : )

This is a very nice puzzle game but I found a small glitch. Nice game though!

Thank you for pointing that out. I must have missed that spot when checking if I'd placed all the walls correctly.

Very clever puzzle game. My only complain is the camera. The way that it follows the player instantly isn't very pleasant to watch.

Also, a minor change that I suggest is to leave the title of the level somewhere, as it contains useful information to solve the puzzles, specially if someone gets stuck in a particular level.

Thank you for playing. I was planning to leave the title on the pause menu, but the pause menu didn't work soon enough. I cut it for time but forgot to put the title somewhere else.

I like it! It's very cute, and does a really good job of conveying story through mechanics :)

Very cute level design with simple and easy to understand gameplay. I did have trouble with the patience level (even with the advice you mentioned above) but I enjoyed what I could get to. Extra kudo's for releasing the source code.

Thank you for playing. I don't think that level was thought through well enough myself. If you still want to play the ones after it, the file "utiles.ini" has a field called "level_beaten" that you can manually adjust to skip levels.

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Wow, the game tells a story through gameplay in such a unique way! I'd love to play more scenarios with these social cubes.  The themes are so relatable. My favourite was the "third wheel"


Thank you for playing. I wish I'd gotten around to fleshing out the other level ideas I had, but it turns out manually entering in level data for anything bigger than a 5x5 or so grid is extremely time consuming.