The Room...has been solved!

But by who and why? More importantly, why would someone go to the trouble of installing all these bizarre puzzles in an unused room?

The Mystery of the Room is a short experimental puzzle game with a dash of psychological horror in which the puzzles (mostly) don't start from a normal initial state. Instead, they're in various positions ranging from untouched to already solved. Fittingly, the player is not tasked with solving them to begin with. Instead, the player must figure out what the point of them all was, and what the person who was fiddling with them was after.

The intended playtime is about half an hour, but as with any puzzle game, playtime will vary. However, the game is short enough and has few enough mechanical parts that saving should not be necessary. There are elements that work best if played all in one go, but the puzzle solving isn't among them.


Colin EUMP (Kimiyoribaka) - Design, Coding, Writing, 2d Art, and Sound

Foxwarrior - 3D Modeling

Troubleshooting: it's possible the fullscreen mode might have issues. If so, just deleting the file "tmoftr.ini" will allow going back to windowed mode.


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