What will happen when the Professor and his assistant visit the strange home of their most mysterious student? More pressingly, why does both the student and the assistant seems to have hidden motives? A fanfic inspired by the second watch-along stream from vtuber Shiori Novella, this time based on the stream itself more than the movie. 

Left-click, Enter, Spacebar, or Z to continue text. Left Control to skip (be warned though, it skips really quickly).


Recently noticed a comment on another fan work saying that game pages need to list email address if the work is to be streamed, so just in case someone actually wants to stream this, I'll go ahead and post mine. I'd be a bit worried if Shiori actually did so though, since she's mentioned having a weak voice. Feel free to also use this if you want to re-use the code for your own fanfic, so I can send an explanation of how the scripting works and what parts of the lua code would need changing to accommodate your images, music and choice flags.

email: personal.impending.doom@gmail.com


pv_win.zip 9 MB


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damn bro you still at it huh, i gave like 4 years ago..

your artwork has certainly improved alotsince then. nice work.