A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In the wake of tragedy, Yu's class finds themselves mysteriously alone at school with all the exits sealed. Will any of them survive the night?

Warning: This game contains intense scenes of graphic violence and gore. No, really.

Controls -  Arrows to move, Z to continue text and open/close doors.

Controls, resolution and palette can be changed using the game.ini file that appears after the game has been run at least once.

Hide and Seek was intended to be an exploration-based horror game, but I suck at scope and have a compulsive need to make coherent narratives, so half the experience ended up being text. I only had a week, and I did also have other RL things to do. There's no saving because I didn't have time, so instead getting caught sends you to the front of the school with no other consequences beyond seeing the kill screen. There are 2 endings, but unfortunately they do require restarting to get both. I can only hope the amount of text to skip through isn't too much, especially if you remember where everything is.

Update a year later: I decided to make a pico-8 version as well, since this game mostly fits the restrictions anyway. The HAS_pico.zip file contains the executables (as in all of them, since they're so small anyway). That version is playable on windows, linux, mac and raspberry pi. The HAS_p8.zip file contains the pico-8 cartridges for viewing or messing with. It also includes the "mem loaders" used to store images from strings into the cartridge data.

--- Spoiler-free Hints for anyone who gets stuck --

Since the first comment I got mentioned having to read the lua scripts, I'm posting this guide to help avoid anyone else having to. I would've put something like this in-game but ran out of time. Each hint is for 1 objective, listed in order.

-- The dialogue for the first section said your character's classroom is on the third floor next to the bathrooms

-- The dialogue for the first section also said your character has PE at the pool today.

-- The spot you start at after the pool scene is very close to the infirmary. The infirmary is the room with the beds with lines around them representing privacy screens.

-- The last place you saw her on the second day was at the front of the school. No one saw her after that.

-- You weren't hurt when the thing happened. Maybe you can talk to her.

-- Bathrooms are a common hiding spot in emergencies.

-- She said you need theatre props. The gymnasium is also the theatre, so the props would be in the back rooms.

-- She said you need flowers. Maybe the flower beds on the roof (as in the long black rectangles).

-- Maybe there's more roofs to access than is obvious. The 4th floor obviously would have a rooftop above it, but what about the parts of the 1st floor that don't go up to the 2nd floor.

-- She said you need salt, from the kitchen. Food is served from the first floor portion, though you may need to go in through the second floor depending on where you enter from.

-- She said she'd be waiting in the chemistry lab. That's on the first floor, by the bathrooms.


HAS.zip 1 MB
HAS_p8.zip 116 kB
HAS_pico.zip 7 MB

Install instructions

Unzip HAS.zip and run Hide_And_Seek.exe.

Once the game has been run, use game.ini to configure.

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