The Desert Bus memes have attacked a road in the desert, but the bus must arrive on schedule! Build and supply turrets to defend the road!

Made for desert bus game jam 2021.  Includes 12 story mode maps and 4 extra maps.

If you need to change the resolution, there's file in the game's folder called "config.ini" that has both resolution and fullscreen.

WASD moves camera. Left click places things (and selects the things to place). Right click clears the current thing to place or dismantles things if nothing is selected. Currently there is no audio.

Important: The bus will only pass if both the timer is up and the road is completely clear. That means no lingering resources and nothing too close to the inner curves.

Update 5/11/2022: I just managed to get Emscripten to work with my engine and felt like porting any game I made recently enough to be compatible. Thus, there's now the browser version up there at the top. I still have some work to do for full support though, which is why the full screen options is not there.


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