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The bus has crashed and yet The Device still won't let the driver go! Try to run and jump the rest of the way despite the pandemonium The Device has wrought.

Warning: Some of the objects in this game are buggy in a way that causes them to flicker in a way that might count as "flashing lights".


z - run,  x - jump, arrows - move

Reach a bus stop to complete a level. Complete 3 levels without running out of first aid kits to complete what currently works (after which the game with just lock up because the next level doesn't work). Falling down pits only takes off 1 first aid kit, at which point the driver is warped back to the last spot where they stood still on safe ground.

Update, right before the deadline: Changed it so now it has 8 levels with different backgrounds, ignoring the theming. This is just so the backgrounds will actually be included. It also probably ends with a "You win" screen, but I didn't actually test it.

Bug Notes: 

-- I was not able to completely prevent all the cases of impossible levels within the time limit. The cave bits can still have moments where all the gaps are only 2 tile wide. If there's one that's 3 tiles wide though, it is still possible.

-- The code for placing spikes appears to be successfully placing the object but not the visual, so all the spikes are invisible.

-- A lot of the objects have a placement algorithm that was supposed to move them to a surface, but that didn't work so they just hover instead.

-- Occasionally the game will lag and then speed up to try to catch up. This could be thought of as The Device messing with the driver, but was not actually intended.


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