The forces of The Anti-Bus Force are planning to stop the desert bus from completing a run. Can the people on the bus drive well enough to avoid all the surreal and silly obstacles?!

Contains 4 "stages" representing different shifts, any of which can be skipped to if desired without unlocking anything. Instructions are in-game at the "how to play" option in the menu.

Tip: you can't move the bus around the screen unless the scrolling speed is above 0, which is controlled by the holding down the gas pedal and/or brakes.

I don't know how browser focus works, so I don't know how to fix the issue that keyboard controls stop working if you scroll the page. The downloadable version below contains both a windows executable and the browser version, because why not. dbfh_win contains the version as of the end of the jam. dbfh_win_fixed contains a fix to the browser version to make sure all the images load and a fix to both versions that corrects the hitboxes.

Created for the Desert Bus for Hope jam 2022.


Download 14 MB
Download 14 MB

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