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Race on any of 6 tracks with up to 6 players driving awkwardly sized buses. Up to 12 buses can race at a time. Coffee cups add to the caffeine level, which increases maximum speed and turning. Made for Desert Bus for Hope Game Jam 2023, which ran during the associated charity. More info here: https://desertbus.org/


Controller: left and right on either analog or the dpad to steer. Bottom face button or right trigger to accelerate. Right face button or left trigger to brake. Start or select/back to pause.

Keyboard: left/right or A/D to steer. Z, E, or J to accelerate. X, Space or K to brake. Enter or escape to pause. (Note: pressing escape at the title screen with exit the game).

Mouse: Cursor position steers, relative to the center of your portion of the screen and only covering half your portion of the screen (to help avoid clicking outside the window when windowed). Left button to accelerate. Right button to brake.

Only 4 controllers can be used at a time.

Regarding resolution: the first time the game is run, the file "dbkart.ini" will be generated. Open that in notepad or some equivalent and edit the values to change the resolution or use fullscreen.


dbkart.zip 2 MB

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