A downloadable game for Windows

Play as a self-proclaimed "professional adventurer" living on the outskirts of town as she's recruited to deliver mail to people who have lost the means to travel or connect to the internet.

Features simple platforming with a heavy emphasis on finding paths in confusing areas and avoiding fall damage (or tanking it with healing items).


left, right - move

z - jump

x - roll

down - drop from ledge

down + z - drop through platform

wasd - look ahead in a direction

Currently no controller support.

Notes on bugs:  Currently item images aren't clearing from inventory despite the item slots being open. This doesn't prevent the slot from being used. Currently the third town's interactions (including receiving mail) don't work. third town fixed AFAIK. A rare bug exists that causes the entire map for inside buildings in the second town to have the wrong invisible geometry, resulting in the character floating. If this happens, interactions still work due to the game thinking the player is still on the ground.

Updated 14 days ago
AuthorColin EUMP
TagsCasual, Narrative

Install instructions

To play, unzip and then run sds.exe.


sds.zip 19 MB

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